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Brussels puts halving of pesticides at heart of new food plans

European Commission also says that a quarter of farmland should be organic by 2030.

Coronavirus slashes emissions (for now)

But scientists expect the fall to be temporary once economies start to revive.

Sweden looks to break out of its northern isolation

The country is scrambling to rebuild non-aviation links to the rest of the Continent.

Bailout Europe’s chance to go green is in danger

Paris and Berlin aren’t pushing hard to tie bailouts to onerous environmental conditions.

German ‘corona presidency’ plan pivots to crisis management

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the German presidency of the Council of the EU.

Ursula von der Leyen’s disaster management

The doctor-turned-Commission president struggles to revive an EU in critical condition.

Macron plays it pragmatic with Poland

Rule-of-law issues were mentioned, but in a way not to offend his Polish hosts.

Scotland Decides Series

Alex Salmond case stokes tensions for Scotland’s nationalists

The former first minister of Scotland was acquitted, but the fallout for the Scottish National Party could be seismic.

Trump’s Scottish golf courses in line for £1M from corona bailout

Two courses won’t have to pay any property tax this year.

England drops primary school reopening plan

Most children won’t return to classes until September.

Coronavirus may yet trouble a buoyant Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish first minister has been widely praised for her handling of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson announces test and trace plan for England

Local authorities will be expected to help suppress COVID-19 flare-ups.

UK minister resigns over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trip

Junior minister Douglas Ross said he could not tell constituents the adviser’s actions were justifiable.

Coronavirus: Local leaders in a global crisis

POLITICO talks to mayors across Europe as communities endure deaths, lockdowns and job losses.



UK government’s top official standing down

UK chief Brexit negotiator David Frost to take over as national security adviser.


Senior Tory: UK should bring aid, trade and defense under Foreign Office

Tom Tugendhat backs Boris Johnson’s controversial decision to merge the international aid department with the Foreign Office.

Brexit Britain looks to the Pacific

Joining the trans-Pacific trade alliance could boost London’s trade leverage, but not everyone is convinced.

Japan to UK: We’ve got 6 weeks to agree trade deal

Deal by the end of July is necessary to give time for it to pass Japan’s parliament.

Britain preps global alternative to EU’s Erasmus scheme

With no sign of a deal on membership, ‘Global Britain’ is looking beyond Brussels.

UK’s top Foreign Office official to quit before Whitehall merger

Simon McDonald told staff he ‘fully’ respects government’s decision to have someone new lead the merged department.


On Israel-Palestine, Americans and Europeans swap scripts

National discussions about racism, immigration and terrorism have recast the debate on both sides of the Atlantic.

International Energy Agency boosts EU case for squeezing fossil fuels

The International Energy Agency’s report undercuts support for investments in oil and gas extraction and pipelines.

5 French election takeaways as Greens win, Macron stumbles

Local polls leave president pondering policy pivot and possible reshuffle.

Berlin in Brussels

Merkel’s Dr. No gets his toughest mission yet

Chief Europe adviser will try get EU to say ‘yes’ to common debt.

French Greens conquer major cities in local elections

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also notches up victory in polls marked by low turnout.


German labor minister pledges to better protect migrant workers

His comments come amid reports of widespread abuse of migrant workers at German slaughterhouses.

Merkel: Europe must set ‘good example’ and fight protectionism – updated

In an interview, the German chancellor also touches on EU recovery fund, rise of China and relations with the UK.


Merkel’s Germany will outlast her

The Germany that takes over the presidency of the European Union on July 1 has fundamentally shifted its attitude toward integration, solidarity and spending.

Berlin in Brussels

We’ll all be speaking German soon

The language of Goethe is gaining ground in the EU capital.

Pandemic halted rise in asylum applications in Europe, EU agency says

In 2019, 32 European countries received one third of global asylum requests.

Germany’s interior minister backtracks on filing complaint against columnist

Horst Seehofer said he still believed the anti-police article constituted a criminal offense.


Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg vie for Eurogroup president

Finance ministers from Europe’s three biggest parties seek eurozone leadership.

Police race bias exposed by lockdowns, says Amnesty

The pandemic has caused a spike in unfair and illegal treatment of ethnic minorities, NGO report finds.

French contact-tracing app sent just 14 notifications after 2 million downloads

Only 68 people entered a positive COVID-19 test result on the app, says France’s junior minister for digital affairs.

The World in 2050

The city of 2050: Less smog, more bikes and hyper-local living

Coronavirus lockdowns offer a glimpse at life in a low-carbon future.

Spain delays plan to reopen border with Portugal

Portugal is the only Schengen country Spain continues to restrict mobility with.

Why carbon-free Europe will still need North African energy

The EU plans to source hydrogen from across the Mediterranean.

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EU Confidential #198, presented by Equinor: Recovery recipes — Presidential problems — Scottish election

Recovery fund masterplans, a power struggle among EU presidents and a deep dive into next week’s Scottish Parliament election all feature in this episode.

Westminster Insider: A short history of Scottish separatism

Presented by Klarna

With the Scottish parliament election less than a week away, Jack Blanchard looks back at the history of the Scottish nationalist movement and explains how it shifted from a fringe pursuit to perhaps the majority view in Scotland.



Amid images of violence, Trump sees an opportunity

The president will head to Wisconsin Tuesday to meet with local law enforcement and business owners hit by damage during local unrest.

Poland’s Duda faces a fight to hang on to the presidency

The second-round vote is a make-or-break contest for the country’s ruling party.

Micheál Martin elected as Ireland’s new prime minister

He will lead the government for half of the five-year mandate, followed by outgoing PM Leo Varadkar.


Strasbourg election face-off highlights Macron’s mixed signals on climate

His local list’s alliance with conservatives has prompted accusations of an ‘anti-Green’ front.

‘Queen Anne’ of Paris not ready to give up her throne

Emmanuel Macron wanted to take the French capital from Anne Hidalgo, but that hasn’t gone to plan.

The French TV show haunting the Elysée

A president struggling to maintain popularity and facing unorthodox challengers. Remind you of anyone?


German interior minister to file complaint against journalist for anti-police column

Horst Seehofer’s move has prompted accusations that he is undermining press freedom.

Good crisis, bad crisis — European leaders rated

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world, and also the fortunes of those in charge.


Pelosi on Trump: ‘With him, all roads lead to Putin’

Members of Congress seek answers on reports about Russian bounties on US soldiers.

Facebook to label ‘newsworthy’ posts that violate site’s rules as boycott grows

Several major companies have pulled advertising from the site in recent days.

Trump says push for less coronavirus testing was sarcasm

The US president’s comments add a new twist to the White House scramble to clarify his earlier messaging.


Belgium opens criminal proceedings into claims of harassment at EU body

Decision follows complaints investigated by the bloc’s anti-fraud office.

4 ways #BrusselsSoWhite can fight racism

The EU has a poor track record on racial diversity — and an opportunity to fix it.

Belgian PM says probe underway into claim of police violence against black MEP

Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana told the Parliament that officers had ‘brutally pressed’ her against a wall.

The Continent

Von der Leyen urges leaders to agree on EU budget by ‘summer break’

A second summit in July may be needed if leaders can’t agree, she said.

France loses court defense of European Parliament’s Strasbourg seat

Court of Justice of the EU rejects France’s claim that a budget session held in Brussels contravened the EU treaties.

Europe At Large

Hey, big spender! EU prepares to splash the cash

Germany’s conversion leaves orphans of Brexit struggling to defend tight budget.


Testing Google News Pro-free

Here’s the excerpt.

John Bolton: Boris Johnson ‘playing Trump like a fiddle’

Ex-senior U.S. official says Johnson’s ‘determination’ to secure Brexit ‘was something that the president appreciated.’

Former UK health secretary: ‘Groupthink’ slowed coronavirus response

Jeremy Hunt ruled out a return to the Cabinet this summer.



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